Image Filter Photo Extension & Camera Editor

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3D Touch Home Screen Quick Actions, Take Photo, Take Selfie, Choose Photo

list of all included filters

color controls filter screen

What's New in this Version


23 image filters & photo adjustments included! Share on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook.

Amazing Photoshop like filter effects on your iPhone & iPad!

Access the Image Filter Photo Extension Plugin Directly from Photos and Your Camera on iOS.

Apply image filters in a quick, easy to use interface. Share filtered photos to text messages & save to your phone.

Save full size image to Photo Library, Send via Email, Copy into other apps.

Post to the #ImageFilterApp Hashtag to see other's image filter creations on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook.

Keyboard Commands:

Fully Accessible with the VoiceOver screen reader for blind and low vision users.


Edges screen on iPad

Save/Sharing options

Available on the App Store

FREE Lite Version